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Our Waterproof Mattress Protectors offer the gold standard in protection and comfort!

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You've decorated your nursery. Chosen colors, selected fabrics, decided on your choice of furniture, bedding, and even purchased a crib mattress. Wait. There's something you've forgotten! One more simple item, not costly, but will make all the difference to your lasting satisfaction. That is - the mattress protector!

The mattress protector covers your mattress, providing protection and just a bit of extra padding for maximum comfort. Say no more to the dark yellowing stains that inevitably spread accross your little one's mattress. Our waterproof mattress protectors resist moisture, prevent staining, and reduce bacterial growth.

We cater to you every mattress pad need, with mattress protectors for all size mattresses.

We have the smallest size bassinet mattress protectors, cradle mattress protectors, scalloped cradle mattress protectors, and portable crib mattress protectors. Move right along to standard crib mattress protectors that can be used for toddler beds as well. We offer round crib mattress protectors and corner crib mattress protectors for these unique items. Your twin and full sized mattresses benefit from our twin and full mattress protectors. So browse through our category and find the size that suits your needs.

If you've got an odd-sized mattress, fret not! We do custom mattress protectors. Just provide the dimensions and we'll take care of the rest.

Choose from our organic mattress protectors made from flannelette, plush wool, or fleece wool. Our memory foam mattress toppers form to the contours of your body providing maximum comfort!

Here at you'll mind the perfect protection for your mattress!