Baby & Infant Bedside Sleeper

Try our CO-SLEEPER®. Baby is never more than an arm reach away.

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Every mom wants to spend time bonding with her baby, and what could be more natural than that? For moms who see the beauty of this bonding, why should nighttime be any different?

Our CO-SLEEPER® allows you the luxury and pleasure of keeping baby close by even as you slumber.

CO-SLEEPER® is a safe solution to allow mom to sleep with her little one. Attach it to your bed, and just reach over to cuddle, pat, or feed baby. Baby is never more than an arm’s reach away.

Here at we have CO-SLEEPER® bassinets in many colors and styles. We have solid color CO-SLEEPER® bassinets, polka dotted CO-SLEEPER® bassinets and CO-SLEEPER® bassinets with lovely printed designs.

Choose our mini CO-SLEEPER® bassinets for smaller spaces, or convertible CO-SLEEPER® bassinets to use as a freestanding bassinet or play yard. Enjoy the many functions that our CO-SLEEPER® bassinets provide!

Choose the CO-SLEEPER® that suits your personal needs and taste. Bed down for a night of continued bonding with babe!